To perceive, in the darkness of the present, this light that strives to reach us but cannot–this is what it means to be contemporary.

                —  Giorgio Agamben

Dr. Dr. (Shiva) Lisa Paul Streitfeld had a Kundalini Awakening in 1983 and embarked on a path of Kundalini Yoga. She continued the mission of her father, Harold S. Streitfeld, co-founder of the Kundalini Clinic, in becoming the first Kundalini philosopher of western culture. She is the author of Kundalini’s Daughter, Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos Press 2014) and “ÜBERMENSCH: Nietzsche, Salomé & the Ages of Aquarius”, her Ph.D. dissertation for European Graduate School.

Shiva Lisa Paul’s most recent blogging project is missingjamesfranco3.0 an urban/online exploration into Web 3.0 collaboration in anticipation of quantum computing. As a newspaper critic and curator in greater New York, she tracked a new modernist movement (1997-2010) in over 600 articles, reviews, essays and blog posts. As a Ph.D. candidate, her Huffington Post Arts (2010-2014)(R)EVOLUTION series resulted in a declaration of a Badiousian Event at European Graduate School in Saas-Fee as a Ph.D. candidate. As preparation, she delivered a series of papers on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in art, beginning with the 2009 Dublin XLIIIrd International Association of Art Critics (AICA) Conference, and culminating at the 2012 CAA Centennial Conference in Los Angeles.

A former Hollywood script analyst and novelist, she has written on Kundalini in contemporary art for<em> Sculpture, The New York Times, The Hartford Courant, The Los Angeles Times and Art New England, as well as several avant-garde journals. As the regular Connecticut reviewer (2000-2005) for Tribune Newspapers, she won the 2006 UUSIS Margaret Fuller Award for tracking a grassroots movement sourced in the ongoing GESAMTKUNSTWERK highlighted in this blog.


Streitfeld’s holistic approach to art criticism is chronicled in “Overcoming the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: Art Theory Arising Out of Wolfgang Pauli’s Collapsed Wave”.   The multimedia project “Missing James Franco 3.0″ was initiated in conjunction with her Ph.D. dissertation, ÜBERMENSCH:  Nietzsche, Salomé &amp; the Age of Aquarius” in the Philosophy Media at European Graduate School.

Her New Media GESAMTKUNSTWERK reflects a seven-year journey (2005-2012) to disseminate a new art theory of the hieros gamos of heaven/cyberspace and earth/urbanspace through multiple mediums and the deep layering of images.


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